But it is worth noting that insurers offer title insurance for up to 3 years, since the risk of losing property is relatively great only in the first years of ownership. Price of the issue You can insure absolutely everything: from a city apartment (structural elements, interior decoration, etc.) to a country house, as well as any buildings near it – a garage, a bathhouse, etc. You can insure property in full, or for individual items. There are various risk options. In addition to theft, robbery, fire, floods, you can insure your home against emergencies with household gas, water pipes, etc., as well as your liability to third parties (if the emergency is created by the client himself). The cost of insurance depends on many factors: the value of the property, the duration of the insurance, characteristics of housing, etc.

Property insurance: practical benefits

Among these cases, as we see, there is no home insurance – does this mean that this type of insurance is not mandatory in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation? Let’s try to answer this question in our article. Articles | 02/14/2008 16:08:30

  • Legal basis of insurance under a mortgage agreement In accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 31 of the Federal Law of 16.07.1998 N 102-ФЗ “On Mortgage (Real Estate Mortgage)”, property pledged under a mortgage agreement is insured in accordance with the terms of this agreement. In the absence of other conditions on the mortgaged property insurance in the mortgage agreement, the mortgagor is obligated to insure this property at full cost against the risks of loss and damage, and if the total value of the property exceeds the amount of the obligation secured by the mortgage – by an amount not lower than the amount of this obligation.

Article: Real Estate Insurance



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Property insurance

After all, what is the point of contacting the company if it turns out that it is not able to make payments to you. Therefore, specify how long the insurance company has been on the market, what reviews about its activities are on the network. 
Try to analyze the financial instruments in which the insurer invests the money received. This is not so easy to do, but if you are seriously counting on getting money for an insured event, you will either have to learn how to conduct such an analysis, or consult a specialist.

You can find out about these financial instruments by contacting the insurer. If this data is hidden for some reason, then for the potential insurer this should be the first signal that a potential fraudster is in front of him.

Read about liability insurance of housing and utilities management companies here.

Real Estate Insurance


In addition, the borrower, which is the pledger under the mortgage agreement for a house or apartment, is entitled to insure the risk of its liability to the lender for failure to fulfill or improper performance of the loan repayment obligation. 

  • Home insurance: insured event, insured amount, insurance indemnity The need for home insurance coverage from both the administration (state, municipal authority) and the owners and tenants of housing is very acute. 
  • Insurance of apartments and property in them Property insurance is one of the types of insurance. You can insure any property, first of all – real estate.

We will consider the features of insurance of apartments and property located in them.

Real estate insurance

Voluntary housing insurance has been developing quite actively in our country since about the mid-90s, ”said Sergey Popravka, director of the legal department of Penny Lane Realty. – Currently, it is quite popular among citizens. And today, as far as I know, more than one and a half million apartments are insured in Moscow. ”Nevertheless, the growth in demand for real estate insurance, which analysts talk about, is slightly exaggerated. As practice shows, there are few volunteers who among our citizens insure their housing. According to Arkady Vlasenko, General Director of the Megapolis-Service Academy of Sciences

Zheleznodorozhny, no more than 2-3% of home buyers voluntarily decide to insure their property. However, it is worth noting that there are times when insurance really helps out a lot.

What is real estate insurance for?

But if the insured property is transported to another place, then the agreement with the insurer is considered invalid. All insured things must not leave the address indicated in the agreement itself.

Another important nuance. If the suburban structure is not insured, then it will not work to draw up an agreement on property. Not all real estate will be insured. If the depreciation of the building is large, which is 60% for wooden houses and 70% for stone houses, then the insurer will refuse to take any risks.

It will be the same with those buildings that are subject to demolition, major repairs or which are confiscated, which are seized. It will not be possible to draw up a contract for unauthorized buildings, at least until the fact of construction is legalized. This applies to unfinished houses, as well as the property for which the policyholder has no property rights.

Real estate insurance: types, conditions and tariffs

There are several types of insurance, but the most important and most important are 3: title insurance, financial risk insurance, and mortgage insurance. The most cautious home buyers also resort to such types of insurance as the risk of death and disability of the borrower, the risk of death, loss or damage to real estate owned by the borrower and pledged to the creditor bank, and the risk of loss of the pledged property as a result of termination of the right property of the borrower for real estate. Title insurance – loss of ownership of real estate, in the event of recognition of a sale and purchase transaction of real estate invalid.

Real Estate Insurance Articles

  • Insurance of an apartment intended for renting to tenants: Part 2 Extremely often, people rent their apartment on their own or through acquaintances. However, in this case, as a rule, taxes are not paid to the state, there is no actual contract with the tenant, and there is no insurance for the apartment. 06/27/2008 18:54:04
  • Non-profit organization, association of owners of premises in an apartment building for the joint management of a real estate complex in an apartment building, ensuring the operation of this complex, ownership, use and, within the limits of the disposition of common property in an apartment building, is recognized as insurance by a housing association managed by the HOA. (Clause 1, Article 35 of the Housing Code (LCD)).

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